Exploring Europe in 2021: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Trip

Europe is a diverse continent that holds a treasure trove of amazing destinations, each with its own unique culture, history, and attractions. From the romantic streets of Paris to the picturesque canals of Venice, Europe is a traveler’s paradise. It offers a wealth of experiences to discover, such as the scenic beaches of Spain, the stunning architecture of Italy, and the charming countryside of France. Planning a trip to Europe can be an exciting yet challenging task, but with the right tools and information, you can plan the perfect European vacation. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know to plan your dream trip to Europe in 2021.

Best Time to Visit Europe

The best time to visit Europe depends on your preferences and the type of experience you’re looking for. If you’re looking for warm weather and sunshine, the best time to visit is during the summer months, from June to August. However, this is also peak tourist season, and many popular destinations can be crowded and expensive. If you’re looking for a more affordable and less crowded experience, consider traveling during the shoulder seasons, from April to May or September to October. The weather is still mild, and you’ll be able to enjoy the sights without the crowds.

Top Destinations in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s most iconic destinations, which offer a wealth of opportunities for exploration and discovery. Here are a few of our top picks for destinations to visit in Europe:

Paris, France

Paris is a city that epitomizes romance and culture, and it’s easy to see why. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the charming cafes and bistros, Paris is a city that will steal your heart. Be sure to visit the Louvre Museum, home to some of the world’s most famous art, and take a stroll along the Seine River. You can also explore the Montmartre district, where artists have been inspired for centuries, and enjoy the view from the top of the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

Rome, Italy

Rome is a city that is steeped in history and culture, and it offers a wealth of attractions to discover. Be sure to visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Vatican Museums. And of course, no trip to Rome is complete without indulging in some delicious pizza and gelato. You can also explore the charming streets of Trastevere, which offer a glimpse into the authentic Roman lifestyle.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city that is known for its stunning architecture and vibrant culture. Be sure to visit the iconic Sagrada Familia, designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudi, and take a stroll through the colorful streets of the Gothic Quarter. You can also explore the Park Güell, which offers panoramic views of the city, and enjoy some traditional tapas and sangria in the lively La Barceloneta district.

Venice, Italy

Venice is a city that is steeped in history and charm, and it offers a unique experience that is unlike any other in Europe. Be sure to take a gondola ride along the canals, explore the stunning St. Mark’s Basilica, and visit the Doge’s Palace. You can also discover the hidden gems of Venice by wandering through the narrow alleyways and enjoying the local cuisine.

Planning Your European Itinerary

When planning your European itinerary, it’s important to consider your interests and budget, as well as the duration of your trip. Be sure to research each destination and determine how much time you want to spend in each place. Consider purchasing a Eurail pass, which allows you to travel by train throughout Europe, or renting a car to explore the countryside at your own pace. And don’t forget to budget for meals, accommodations, and activities. You can also take advantage of the many free walking tours that are available in most cities, which offer a great way to discover the local culture and history.


Europe is a continent that offers a wealth of amazing destinations, each with its own unique charm and appeal. Whether you’re looking for romance, adventure, or culture, Europe has something for everyone. By following these tips, you’ll be able to plan the perfect European vacation in 2021, and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. So start planning your dream trip today!

London and Paris Vacation Packages 2021

Are you planning a trip to Europe in 2021? If so, you’re in luck! London and Paris are two amazing destinations that are sure to be highlights of your trip. Both cities are incredibly rich in culture, history, and beauty, and offer a wide variety of attractions and experiences that will leave you wanting more. And the best part? There are plenty of vacation packages available that make it easy and affordable to visit both London and Paris in one trip. Here are three of the best London and Paris vacation packages for 2021:

Package 1: London and Paris Highlights

If you’re a first-time visitor to these two cities, this package is perfect for you. It includes round-trip airfare from the US to London, four nights in London, a Eurostar train ride from London to Paris, and three nights in Paris. During your time in London, you’ll visit Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the British Museum, among other sites. In Paris, you’ll see the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. This package also includes breakfast each morning and some free time for shopping and exploring on your own.

Package 2: London and Paris with a River Cruise

For a more romantic and leisurely trip, consider this package, which includes a scenic river cruise along the Seine in Paris. You’ll spend four nights in London, during which time you can explore the city’s highlights and enjoy some free time for shopping and dining. Then, you’ll take the Eurostar train to Paris, where you’ll spend three nights and enjoy a Seine River cruise with dinner included. You’ll also see the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, and other top Parisian sites.

Package 3: London, Paris, and Amsterdam

If you have more time and want to see even more of Europe, this package is perfect. It includes round-trip airfare from the US to London, four nights in London, a Eurostar train ride to Paris, three nights in Paris, a train ride to Amsterdam, and three nights in Amsterdam. This package offers a great mix of culture, history, and entertainment. You’ll see iconic landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower, as well as explore the canals and museums of Amsterdam. Breakfast is included each morning, and there’s plenty of free time to explore on your own.


London and Paris are two cities that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, you’ll find plenty to see and do in these amazing destinations. By taking advantage of one of these vacation packages, you’ll be able to see these two cities without breaking the bank. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your London and Paris vacation for 2021 today!

Austria Travel Weihnachtsmärkte

Exploring the Austrian Christmas Markets

Looking for a festive way to spend your holiday season? Look no further than Austria’s magical Christmas markets! From the end of November until Christmas Eve, the streets of Austria’s towns and cities are transformed into enchanting winter wonderlands, complete with twinkling lights, delicious treats, and hundreds of stalls selling everything from handcrafted gifts to warming drinks.

One of the most popular Christmas markets in Austria is the Christkindlmarkt in Vienna, which dates back to the 13th century. Located in front of the beautiful Rathaus (town hall), this market is the perfect place to sample traditional Austrian treats like roasted chestnuts, gingerbread, and glühwein (mulled wine). Visitors can also browse the market’s many stalls, which offer everything from handmade crafts to artisanal cheeses.

Discovering the Magic of Salzburg’s Christmas Markets

Salzburg is another Austrian city that is famous for its Christmas markets. The city’s markets are spread across several locations, including the Hellbrunn Palace and the Residenzplatz, and each one offers a unique festive experience. One of the highlights of Salzburg’s Christmas markets is the Nativity Market, which features hand-carved nativity scenes and other religious-themed gifts.

Another must-visit market in Salzburg is the Advent Market in St. Leonhard, which is located just a short walk from the city center. This market is known for its cozy atmosphere, with visitors able to warm up with a hot drink while enjoying live music and traditional Austrian delicacies.

Discovering the Charm of Innsbruck’s Christmas Markets

Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, a region in western Austria known for its stunning Alpine scenery. During the Christmas season, Innsbruck’s markets offer visitors the chance to experience the festive season against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains and historic architecture.

One of the most popular markets in Innsbruck is the Christkindlmarkt in the Old Town, which is known for its beautiful Christmas tree and traditional Tyrolean crafts. Another market worth visiting is the Bergweihnacht on Hungerburg, which can be reached by cable car and offers amazing views over Innsbruck and the surrounding mountains.


If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate the holiday season, look no further than Austria’s Christmas markets. These enchanting winter wonderlands are the perfect place to get into the festive spirit and enjoy some traditional Austrian treats while shopping for handcrafted gifts. Whether you’re in Vienna, Salzburg, or Innsbruck, you’re sure to find a Christmas market that will leave you with unforgettable memories. So why not plan a trip to Austria this Christmas and discover the magic of the country’s Weihnachtsmärkte for yourself?

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