California Dreamin’: A Road Trip Along the Pacific Coast Highway

The Scenic Drive

The Pacific Coast Highway boasts one of the most beautiful and scenic drives globally, with awe-inspiring vistas and panoramic views around every corner. The highway starts in Dana Point, just south of Los Angeles, and follows the coast all the way up to Leggett in Northern California. Along the way, you’ll pass through a plethora of charming coastal towns, see historic landmarks, and witness incredible natural beauty.

One of the most iconic stretches of the highway is the Big Sur section that runs from San Simeon to Carmel. This 90-mile segment of the road is famous for its winding curves, towering cliffs, and stunning ocean views. The Bixby Bridge is one of the most photographed landmarks along this stretch, and it’s easy to see why. This single-span concrete arch bridge spans 714 feet and soars 260 feet above the ocean, offering a magnificent sight to behold.

Must-See Attractions

There are plenty of attractions and activities along the Pacific Coast Highway that are worth stopping for. Here are some more must-see spots:

– Monterey Bay Aquarium: This world-famous aquarium is home to over 35,000 animals and plants, including sea otters, sharks, and sea turtles. It’s a great place to learn about the marine life that inhabits the waters along the California coast. You can also take part in feeding the penguins and sea otters or take a behind-the-scenes tour.

– Hearst Castle: This historic landmark was built by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst in the early 20th century. The 165-room mansion is filled with priceless art and antiques, and the grounds are stunning. You can take a guided tour of the property and learn about the history of this architectural masterpiece.

– Point Lobos State Natural Reserve: This beautiful reserve is located just south of Carmel and offers plenty of hiking trails and scenic vistas. You’ll see plenty of wildlife, including sea lions, otters, and whales. You can also take an informative guided tour to learn more about the natural history of the area.

– McWay Falls: This stunning waterfall cascades onto the beach below and is one of the most beautiful sights along the Big Sur section of the highway. You can take a short hike down to the beach for a closer look.


A road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway is an unforgettable experience that offers so much more than what we’ve covered in this blog post. Whether you’re a California native or visiting from out of state, this drive should be at the top of your bucket list. From the scenic views to the must-see attractions and activities, there’s something for everyone along this iconic highway. So pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready to experience the beauty of California’s coast for yourself.

Pacific Northwest Road Trip: 7 Days of Adventure

If you’re looking for a scenic and adventurous road trip, the Pacific Northwest should definitely be on your list. With its breathtaking coastline, lush forests, and towering mountains, this region offers endless opportunities for exploration and outdoor fun. In this blog post, we’ll take you through a seven-day itinerary that will allow you to experience some of the best sights and activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Day 1: Seattle

Start your trip in Seattle, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Spend the day exploring the city’s vibrant neighborhoods, such as Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, and Fremont. Visit some of the iconic attractions like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Don’t forget to indulge in the city’s famous coffee culture by visiting some of the local coffee shops. In the evening, take a stroll around the city’s waterfront and enjoy the beautiful views of the Puget Sound.

Day 2: Olympic National Park

On day two, drive to Olympic National Park, which is located about two hours west of Seattle. This park is a natural wonderland, with three distinct ecosystems: the rugged coastline, the alpine peaks of the Olympic Mountains, and the lush rainforest. Spend the day hiking, wildlife watching, and taking in the stunning vistas. If you have time, visit the Hoh Rainforest, which is one of the wettest places in the United States and is home to some of the tallest trees in the world.

Day 3: Portland

Head south towards Portland, a city known for its quirky charm, vibrant arts scene, and delicious food. Along the way, stop by the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, which offers incredible views of the Columbia River and its surrounding mountains. In Portland, visit the famous Powell’s City of Books, the International Rose Test Garden, and the Portland Art Museum. In the evening, explore the city’s food scene by visiting some of the local food trucks and restaurants.

Day 4: Mount Hood

Drive east from Portland to Mount Hood, an active volcano that towers over the surrounding landscape. Spend the day hiking, skiing, or snowboarding, depending on the time of year. In the summer, you can also go mountain biking or take a scenic chairlift ride to the top of the mountain. If you’re looking for a more relaxing activity, visit one of the nearby hot springs and soak in the natural mineral water.

Day 5: Bend

On day five, drive south to Bend, a charming town located in the heart of Central Oregon. This area is known for its outdoor recreation opportunities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. Visit Smith Rock State Park, which offers stunning views of the Crooked River and its dramatic canyon walls. In the evening, explore the town’s vibrant downtown area and enjoy some local beer and food.

Day 6: Crater Lake National Park

Drive west from Bend to Crater Lake National Park, which is home to the deepest lake in the United States. The lake’s clear blue waters are surrounded by towering cliffs, making for a stunning sight. Spend the day hiking, fishing, or taking a boat tour of the lake. If you have time, visit nearby Diamond Lake, which offers great fishing and boating opportunities.

Day 7: Oregon Coast

On your final day, drive west to the Oregon Coast, which stretches for over 360 miles along the Pacific Ocean. Visit some of the charming coastal towns like Cannon Beach, Newport, and Astoria. Take a hike along the coast, watch for whales, or simply relax on the beach. In the evening, enjoy a seafood dinner while watching the sunset over the ocean.


The Pacific Northwest offers a wealth of natural beauty and adventure, and a seven-day road trip is the perfect way to experience it all. From the vibrant city of Seattle to the rugged coastline and stunning national parks, this region is sure to capture your heart and leave you with unforgettable memories. So pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for an epic adventure!

Northwest Road Trip

Taking a road trip is an incredible way to explore the beauty, diversity, and culture of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The region is home to majestic mountains, stunning coastlines, vast forests, and charming cities. Here are three places that you shouldn’t miss on your Northwest road trip.

Olympic National Park

Located in the state of Washington, Olympic National Park is a place of unparalleled beauty. The park is home to snow-capped mountains, lush rainforests, and pristine coastlines. One of the most popular attractions in the park is Hurricane Ridge, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The park also boasts several stunning waterfalls, including the Sol Duc Falls and the Marymere Falls. For those who love wildlife, the park is home to a variety of animals, including black bears, elk, and mountain goats. Spend a few days in the park to fully explore its wonders.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is a city that is known for its vibrant culture, excellent food, and stunning natural beauty. The city is located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and is surrounded by mountains, forests, and rivers. One of the most popular attractions in Portland is the Portland Japanese Garden, which features beautifully manicured gardens, ponds, and a traditional Japanese tea house. Another must-visit attraction is the Powell’s City of Books, which is the largest independent bookstore in the world. If you’re a foodie, be sure to check out the food carts that are scattered throughout the city. Spend a few extra days in Portland to explore its neighborhoods and soak in its laid-back vibe.

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is located in Montana and is home to over one million acres of wilderness. The park boasts over 700 miles of hiking trails, as well as several stunning lakes and waterfalls. One of the most popular hikes in the park is the Highline Trail, which offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The park is also home to a variety of wildlife, including grizzly bears, moose, and mountain goats. If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the park, consider taking a scenic drive on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which offers stunning views of the park’s glaciers and alpine meadows. Spend a few days in the park to fully appreciate its beauty.


The Pacific Northwest region of the United States offers some of the most breathtaking scenery and exciting cities in the country. A road trip through the region is an incredible way to explore all that the area has to offer. From the rugged beauty of Olympic National Park to the vibrant culture of Portland and the stunning scenery of Glacier National Park, there is something for everyone on a Northwest road trip. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

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